I was born and raised in Sweden, but I have lived several years in Switzerland, and this has given me an insight into other cultures and traditions.

I am an engineer, graduated from the Malmö Technical Institute in 1967.

My engineering degree included electrics, electronics, mechanics, construction and chemistry.

After graduation and military service (electrician on the “YMER” ice-breaker) I was employed at the Metior Ltd.Co. in Malmö, Sweden.There I was involved in developing one of the first ATM machines (BANCOMAT) that was sold all around the world. I worked at the development department, chiefly with digital electronics.

I moved to Switzerland in 1971 to work for the world famous Bühler conglomerate. I was the project manager responsible for developing electronic process controls for pressure die casting equipment, injection-moulding equipment, animal feed factories and grain mills.

After five years, I returned to Sweden and worked at the Bühler Swedish company in Malmö, Sweden. After some years I felt ready for new challenges in marketing, and was hired by the Knight AB consulting firm as an electronics engineer. I quickly advanced to the position as head of the electronics department. There I built up their electronics department, which quickly became larger and more profitable than the original business in machinery technology.

Some years later I worked for Endress+Hausser AB as a seller with a responsibility for my own district. That meant, that besides the responsibility for sales, I also had to know a lot about the requirements and activities of process industries. I had close connections with grain processing companies, sugar mills, district heating plants and paper mills. Endress+Hauser manufactures sending units for the measurement of levels, pressure, flow and analysis. I have held lectures at the University of Lund (Sweden) for the Engineering departments.

In 1988 I started my own company, Milan Teknik AB, with customers in the pressure die casting and injection molding industries. I had developed Injectime, a computer based process control and supervision system, which was sold to most European countries.

Besides Swedish and English, I speak German and Swiss-German.

I now work as a translator, chiefly of technical texts from German to Swedish. As translation help, I use the Trados Studio 2019 software. Over the years, I have built my own dictionary of over 30.000 words in the technical sphere.

My clients are to be found in German manufacturing industry and in translation companies, mostly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I always work fast, accurately and within the set time limit.

Since I have worked with computers since the late 1960’s I would say I know a lot about computers, PC’s and other types.

I have a driver’s license and I am a teetotaler.

I was for 10 years a chairman of the Limhamns Arkeologiförening, where I also taught archeology.

I was born in June 1945 and have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

I now live in Tomelilla in the South of Sweden, with my wife Barbara.